Train Ride Into Music

April 14, 2021

I used to travel by train all the time, and would always prepare music to take on the ride. A perfect soundtrack that would flow by the changing scenery,  the train windows becoming a music video of all times!

Whenever I go back to the most “memorable” train trips, I hear the amazing voice and musical creation of Esperanza Spalding. She would take me into a different dimension, presenting an entire play of emotions/questions in one album.

Spalding’s Emily’s D+Evolution album, is a piece of art big time – not only to be listened to but also to be seen with an entire theatrical production when performed live.

The collision of swirly funk, poetic lyrics, psychedelic vibes and the most amazing bass lines take you on a rollercoaster of internal confusion. I tried to recreate and follow Spalding on her amazing melodies, but failed many times. They are so unique, full of innovative jazzy turns, and so perfectly aligned with the charmony and sound of the whole piece!

Taking everything you find intriguing, new, undiscovered, classic and beautiful to create art. This is what she did to my train rides. She made them feel as If I was inside of a play – a dirty-windowed play, full of strangers and passing views.

Enjoying my passion for music and writing in one place! Sharing my thoughts on sounds and albums that blew my freakig mind and stoped time from passing.
-Experimental,folk, jazz, ambien and electronic-

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