Memories of Paradise

May 8, 2021
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I feel that music is this neverending space where anything can happen, where everything is welcome and can be experimented.
This was what I thought after listening to “Close to Paradise”  by Soulwax (in collaboration with Michel Gaubert and LOEWE). The track uses interviews (which are added seperately to the album) with travelers and hippies who ended up on Ibiza in the 70s and 80s.

“Close to paradise” combines tropical electronic music and nature sounds as a base for mind-opening thoughts and memories in the interviews. This was something I really needed to hear after being in quarantine for a few months! It gave me back the soft feeling of freedom and traveling. And what’s most important, the excitement of discovering and experiencing, which is slowly coming back.

Enjoying my passion for music and writing in one place! Sharing my thoughts on sounds and albums that blew my freakig mind and stoped time from passing.
-Experimental,folk, jazz, ambien and electronic-

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