Ambien Gallery of Music

May 15, 2021


I  feel that music has a lot in common with the art of painting –  it creates an image, an explosion of colors, feelings and visions in our minds without us even noticing. “Enero” is an exhibition of emotions and sensations that float heavy, yet free in an underwater gallery of the Universe of Music.


Expression, memories and feelings transmitted through sounds, to later reach the deepest parts of the body and soul. Dimensional and soothing, freeing and heartbreaking – these are the thoughts that emerged from my mind after listening to the album “Enero” by Maqueta.


Ambien, electronic and experimental, with just the right amount of classical influence – Maqueta did the amazing work of creating melodic, balanced and hypnotizing tracks that, almost by force, dragged me into this deep space within.

Enjoying my passion for music and writing in one place! Sharing my thoughts on sounds and albums that blew my freakig mind and stoped time from passing.
-Experimental,folk, jazz, ambien and electronic-

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