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Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?

Synth-Pop Nostalgia

I have a vivid memory of an interaction with a friend of mine in my first year of high school. It was late in the fall right after school. A bunch of us were standing around outside of the north building, talking at length about nothing, like only teenagers can. We got to talking about new music and did our best to impress one another with artists that the other kids hadn’t heard of yet. This one friend regularly humbled us by citing little-known bands that 14-year-olds should have had no way of knowing (especially before social media was a

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There's a sound track to everyone's life - What's yours? is all about sharing the music you love and what it means to you. The stories, the memories, the feelings, the passion. Join our authors and share the stories about the music you love.

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  • Dave Sparks

    Creator of Mumubl, sharing various songs I've loved from my past - big famous classics, little quirky unknowns, anything that I enjoyed once upon a time.
  • Nat Greener

    BA Hons Journalism & Media | MA Creative & Cultural Industry Management | Independent Freelancer
  • Meg Bolland

    Hi, I'm a copywriter from Liverpool. I have always been obsessed with words. From being a bookworm as a child to a lyric-loving teenager to a full-time writer adult!
  • Louis Hardiman

    Hi, I am Louis, a writer, journalist, and music fan, currently living in Edinburgh. My main music interests are British indie, dreampop of the late 80s and 90s, and the 80s alternative scene.
  • Julia

    Enjoying my passion for music and writing in one place! Sharing my thoughts on sounds and albums that blew my freakig mind and stoped time from passing. -Experimental,folk, jazz, ambien and electronic-

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