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I remember first encountering Jamie Cullum but it took me a while to remember where and it turns out it was the 2003 V-festival in Staffordshire, the very year “Twentysomething” was released. It was in a tent, maybe a Radio 1 tent and I don’t think I went there to watch Jamie Cullum, but you know, it was a while a go and I had a few drinks and I’ve no idea who we actually went to catch. Or maybe we just popped in as we were walking past as you do at a festival. But we walked in to

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Stopping The Unstoppable

Stopping The Unstoppable By Nicci Rae-Jones The year was 1992 and I was working for a little known label that produced hit compilation albums – and pretty good ones too.

A Bad Seed – But A Good Egg

A Bad Seed – But A Good Egg  The day that I met Nick Cave makes me relieved and regretful in equal measure that we didn’t have camera phones –

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Choze is a British virtuoso who is set to revolutionize the music industry. His star power and charisma are undeniable, and his

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I Loved and lost

In recent years, a wave of fresh talent has emerged, bringing new perspectives and pushing the boundaries of hip hop. Artists like

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  • Dave Sparks

    Creator of Mumubl, sharing various songs I've loved from my past - big famous classics, little quirky unknowns, anything that I enjoyed once upon a time.
  • Nat Greener

    BA Hons Journalism & Media | MA Creative & Cultural Industry Management | Independent Freelancer
  • Louis Hardiman

    Hi, I am Louis, a writer, journalist, and music fan, currently living in Edinburgh. My main music interests are British indie, dreampop of the late 80s and 90s, and the 80s alternative scene.

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