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Bing Crosby

Mele Kalikimaka

I’m Dreaming of a Beach Christmas

While most holiday media might have you convinced that the white Christmases we usually experience here in Canada are ideal, the reality is, winter weather is typically better experienced on screen than it is in real life. The cold and snow just make everything harder. It takes longer to get ready to leave the house; slick roads add to your travel time; and the days are dark and short. Winter comes around in Toronto by early November, and most years, it sticks around until early April. It’s far less magical than those Hallmark movies will have you believe. Truthfully, by

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There's a sound track to everyone's life - What's yours? is all about sharing the music you love and what it means to you. The stories, the memories, the feelings, the passion. Join our authors and share the stories about the music you love.

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Berlin based PENNY X is a young Alternative-Pop artist that has defined herself as straightforward with her story-telling and lyrics. Her sound

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  • Dave Sparks

    Creator of Mumubl, sharing various songs I've loved from my past - big famous classics, little quirky unknowns, anything that I enjoyed once upon a time.
  • Nat Greener

    BA Hons Journalism & Media | MA Creative & Cultural Industry Management | Independent Freelancer
  • Louis Hardiman

    Hi, I am Louis, a writer, journalist, and music fan, currently living in Edinburgh. My main music interests are British indie, dreampop of the late 80s and 90s, and the 80s alternative scene.
  • Julia

    Enjoying my passion for music and writing in one place! Sharing my thoughts on sounds and albums that blew my freakig mind and stoped time from passing. -Experimental,folk, jazz, ambien and electronic-

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