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Featured and community authors

Mumubl.com aims to be a home for everyone to share their musical loves but it’s become apparent that a few things are happening. There is a large amount of PR type posts, often it’s hard to tell if these go against the site guidelines or are genuine fan led posts. There was also some confusion from those arriving on the site as to some posts being directly endorsed by us rather than posted by a member of the Mumubl.com community.
We do work from time to time with some people, whether commissioning writers to join in on the site or working with artists to post their musical inspirations – such as working with Karlo Bromsen to discuss some of the inspiration behind his band’s album. So we thought it was about time we distinguished between the different posts on the site. You’ll now see a note at the top of any post on the site denoting “Community” and “Featured” authors. But what does that actually mean?

Community Authors

We want to maintain Mumubl.com as a site where anyone can sign up (for free!) to share the music they love. Anyone in this position will initially be marked as a community author, meaning they’re from our general community of users.

Featured Authors

As mentioned above we sometimes engage with some authors to post content, whether we ultimately generate that through Mumubl.com or offer them help and guidance in posting themselves. This content often has guidance from us. That’s the first kind of featured author.

The second type is just someone who posts great content, if we’re seeing posts we enjoy from someone a lot then we may well put them on the featured author list.

What is the benefit of being a featured author?

Featured author posts generally get better placing throughout the site and we often share posts to social media but normally only posts from featured authors.

How do I become a featured author?

Firstly be mindful of the posting guidelines already mentioned. Secondly if you’re an artist or PR firm or similar then have a read of our artist guidelines. If you’re posting regular good content following those guidelines then we might well add you to the featured author list.

The other way is to work with us – head over to the contact page and get in touch and we can work together targeting posts a bit more and offering feedback.

Hopefully that helps explain the move and any questions about the change!

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