Mumubl is all about the music you love and what it means to you

It is essentially a collection of posts that anyone can contribute to where they talk about tracks, albums, EPs they love and what those mean to them.

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Rules!? There are some, it's not a free for all.

There are a few rules. The main one is that you can only post once a day*. The idea is that you think about what you post and take time to write something.

*You get an extra three posts when you start off

You (yes you!) can contribute to the growing number of tracks shared on Mumubl

First off find some music you love. Done? Great!

Then head over to the sign up page and register on the site, tell us about yourself, pick a username – all the usual stuff.

Once you’ve done that you can then put together a post (New Article on the right hand member’s menu!). Give it a title, add the artist and the song or album title and then write away. You can also add some tags, or a picture or a relevant link and then hit publish! Well done, you’ve shared a track with the world.

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You'll find Mumubl on social media but also running other projects such as Inspiration Liverpool that aims to bring you talk of the music behind the music of Liverpool.

Already written and live to the world

Train Ride Into Music

I used to travel by train all the time, and would always prepare music to take on the ride. A perfect soundtrack that would flow by the changing scenery,  the train windows becoming a music video of all times! Whenever I go back to the most “memorable” train trips, I hear the amazing voice and […]

The nostalgia era- Blinding Lights- The Weeknd

Commercially the biggest song in Billboard history was last years single by the Weeknd, “Blinding Lights” an enthralling 80’s super jam zooped up to the gills with blistering synths and electric drum patterns. The song was no doubt a classic hit that will remain in contention for one of the best commercial songs of the last […]

David Bowie – Five years

I don’t typically remember celebrity deaths, certainly not where I was or what cup of tea I was making. Michael Jackson was an anomaly only because I had a paper round back then and had to hand deliver his pigment-stricken death mask through letterboxes across my town courtesy of The Sun. I’ll never forgive them […]

The Site

A little credit where it's due

The site is built on various things but there is plenty of great imagery from UnSplash
I try to remember to make sure credit for all the images used is posted here.

From the blog

Three for Friday – 26th March

If you’re new to the Three for Friday quiz it’s just a bit of fun that goes up on Instagram every week. Three quick questions to test your musical knowledge. Check it out on instagram or’s other social media sites and let us know how you get on!

Welcome to Version 1.0

So if you’ve never visited before you’re going to notice the site is looking a little different now. It was a lockdown project that has seemingly forever taken a backseat to family life and other paid work and the likes but finally here it is. The previous site incarnation (now archived at was a […]

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What's in yours? Share the songs and tracks you love and tell us why.

Discover Mumubl

Welcome to Mumubl a place where you can talk about the music that means a lot to you and discover the tracks and albums that move other people.

It’s all about sharing

The aim of the site is to establish a community of users each sharing their musical loves and likes – think “Desert Island Discs” or “Tracks of my years”

Anyone can share on Mumubl, simply head to the registration page and sign up and get posting. What are you waiting for, we’d love to hear what you love.


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