The nostalgia era- Blinding Lights- The Weeknd

Commercially the biggest song in Billboard history was last years single by the Weeknd, “Blinding Lights” an enthralling 80’s super jam zooped up to the gills with blistering synths and electric drum patterns. The song was no doubt a classic hit that will remain in contention for one of the best commercial songs of the last five years. We also have Dua Lipa whose last number of releases have given the nod to the sounds of 80’s synth pop and as a result have landed her at the top of both US and global charts. Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson started the trend of nostalgic reinvention with their 2014 number 1 hit “Don’t believe Me Just Watch”

Now the 80’s Pop machine has been revived in glory over forty years later and has once again found itself at the top of the music table. Even Independent artists covered on various blogs and websites are bringing back the sound, many of which I have been covering. It feels like a trend right now that doesn’t seem like it will go away anytime soon. In some ways it’s not so bad, the stars that dominated the 80’s such as Annie Lenox, Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson were all legends in their own right. I just worry that sometimes nostalgia outstays it’s welcome.

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