Ausie Spirit

The first time I heard Tash Sultana was on Youtube – her live bedroom session – and I couldnt believe what is happening! A solo artist, translucidely connecting to music, and me being able to feel it in my own small bedroom.

Years have passed, I continued to listen to her music and eventually went to see her live performance in Berlin. This was when I realized what an extraordinary musician Tash Sultana is.

The new album “Terra Firma” – solid ground –  reached me like a 14 song message touching upon different aspects of the sense of being human, alive, struggling, growing and longing for freedom in a society that is calling for changes. All of this followed by her amazing creativity to play with music, sounds and styles.

Following her own  sense of music, while still expanding, changing and experimenting with new sounds is what made me fall so deep into this album. A moving message, calling and an artistic performance.


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