Finest Worksong

The party band

We close out the roaming organ of the seven minute version of Light my fire and move on to the second track,

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José González

Save Your Day

Emotion in the guitar strings

I remember over the years many people who have commented about listening to downbeat music, asking why you’d want to. Which I

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Matchbox Twenty

How far we've come

Halfway round the world

I’m sure I’ve said before on here but the power of music to conjure up thoughts of different times and places is

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The Offspring

Pretty fly (for a white guy)

All the girlies say…..

I’m pretty sure as a result of this song there’s a generation of people who can only count past five in Spanish

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Jimi Hendrix

Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

A guitar playing inspiration

I remember learning to play guitar, after getting some basic stuff from beginner books I started buying Total Guitar magazine and as I went

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Foo Fighters


And I wonder

I slightly missed out on Nirvana, I’ve listened to a lot of stuff since but as a teenager in the late 90s

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