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November 15, 2012
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I remember learning to play guitar, after getting some basic stuff from beginner books I started buying Total Guitar magazine and as I went through my early teens learning to play, the magazine had a massive influence on what I learnt and what I listened to. Barely an issue went by without Jimi Hendrix gaining a mention and it was relatively early in my playing that I picked up a copy of “Experience Hendrix” the greatest hits. Strangely though for all the mentions Hendrix tabs turned up rarely in the magazine during the time I was reading it, I assume it was copyright issues or something, or maybe just to make it an extra special issue when they did turn up. 

I did however grow up at a time when the internet was growing and guitar tab sites popped up all over the place, sites like the now closed olga.net. I didn’t much like reading the tab from a screen, plus the computer was a desktop in the lounge and I generally played in my bedroom. As a result I printed our reems and reems of guitar tab, all these numbers and lines in formatted .txt files 
rows and rows of  ———-4—-5h6—-  type stuff. There were stacks of paper in my room with songs from all sorts of genres and styles. You would have found plenty though with Hendrix written at the top, Hey Joe, Purple Haze, Foxy Lady and All Along the Watchtower chief amongst them. 

One I wouldn’t have played as much would be Voodoo Child, yet it is a great track. One of the best ways to listen to this track is to put some headphones and just lie back, it’s got such a brilliant use of the stereo recording it brings you right in shooting the riffs around your head and making you feel part of the track. The guitar playing just rolls around between your ears, and what great guitar playing it is. As catchy and raw as any track Hendrix ever put together with his trademark wandering solos. As with every Hendrix track it’s a lesson in how to play.

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