Just take a guitar and it sounds like an orchestra

March 5, 2024

We have just fired out our fifth single from our album “Brothers in mind” which had some inspiration behind it from Luka Bloom and Turf. It’s not an individual track from the album but more the general sound architecture which Richard and I are big fans of, just take a guitar and it sounds like an orchestra.

Just take a guitar and it sounds like an orchestra

I’ve heard this album often, really really very often. I believe the structure of our single “Someone” could have actually been, as an acoustic version, on that album. If Luka Bloom would do a cover that would be perfect.

This wasn’t his debut, I believe he had a few earlier like “The Acoustic motorbike”. He moved to the US, so that’s if you don’t account the albums under his original name. He moved in the late 80s or so and renamed and reinvented himself. So this was maybe his third release since then. Turf though was the introduction for me, I was very young and a friend of my mother, who was a musician, pointed me towards Luka Bloom. Sometimes when you’re very young then from the older people you don’t take the advice too seriously. 

But I did pick it up again and I thought “you know, this is a great album” and I love it. I love it because it’s so pure.

It’s such a pure album – the guitar and the man himself doing a great job – sometimes all you need.

The guitar and the man himself doing a great job – sometimes all you need

You can drink a coffee and have this on in the background and it’s a nice atmosphere but you can tune into it and really get in. Sit late at night with the headphones on and enjoy it.

How he plays the guitar with that open tuning is so amazing, tracks like “True Blue” you just hear him pick some notes and its woah! It just opens up the room. 

That atmosphere is kind of somewhere there when you’re writing, the melody comes out and there is a background to it. The melody is there as you write and when you’re playing and singing you think yeah “ok”. But when you go back you see “yeah, it’s very Luka Bloom like”. As we work and we then build out tracks, Richard edited the synth elements and put our structure on it basically and it was quite a struggle to fit it both ways, a synth pop song but still have that folky feeling, where you can still bury those references in.

Taken from an interview with Karlo Bromsen – talking to Mumubl.comThe Bromsen debut album “Brothers in mind” is out now – https://www.bromsenmusic.com/

Half of German Indietronic duo Bromsen, formed in Berlin, Germany, consists of Richard (not me) and Karlo Bromsen (me!).
Bromsen's singles keep inspiring dance & rock enthusiastic people around the world, so that most recently the brasilian dance group Lux has created a choreography on Bromsen's debut single Merryman!

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