Having just got back from holiday I enjoyed more than a fair bit of time lying back on a sun lounger enjoying some music. Having spent ages loading up my iPhone and carefully fitting as much music as possible on to it I think I struck a pretty good mix for the week.

I was reminded though one of my first holidays abroad as a young teenager, probably about 13 maybe, when we went to Turkey. I had a portable cassette player, I remember it being a huge chunky splash proof yellow thing with a big clip like a Tupperware lock container which helped seal up the waterproofness. 
My music selection was a bit more limited then, back in the days of stuffing luggage with books and cassettes there was only so much space in a suitcase, though pre low cost airlines it was probably less strict. 
I think the album Glow by Reef was one that had been borrowed from the record library and courteously copied so I wouldn’t go losing their cassettes abroad and obviously for no other reason. It was played pretty much non stop on my headphones all holiday. A few tracks stand out but Lately Stomping and Come Back Brighter both stand out in my mind.
As a band Reef have always been overshadowed by the success of Place Your Hands in comparison to the rest of their music. Come Back Brighter isn’t the best of that other stuff but it is a solid example of what they were about on that album, solid riffs and tight musicianship with gruff vocals that all add up to a track I find easy to enjoy. 

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