Foo Fighters

Monkey Wrench

The importance of MTV

The recent Foo Fighters album feels so familiar, in a good way. I’ll often find myself listening to it and being reminded

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David Bowie

1. Outside

Method, madness and murder

When you think of David Bowie, what’s the first album that comes to mind?  Is it “Hunky Dory”?   Or, “The Rise

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How we operate

Drifting in and out

I think I’ve written this before but Gomez were the first band I ever saw live – or at least that’s what

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Linkin Park

Hybrid Theory

Pioneers of Power and Worry

In theory, during the heyday of pop groups and alternative rock bands, if someone said they wanted to make a rap-metal group,

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Sam Fender

Seventeen Going Under

A Storytelling Masterpiece

The morning after a heavy night of drinking with some mates, I was travelling back home and I turned to Radio X

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Foo Fighters

There's nothing left to lose

There’s nothing left

I’m at a point in my life where I’ve seen plenty of musical figures pass away, artists I’ve grown up with. In

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