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April 29, 2022
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“I love this song, a beautiful song. There’s a big reason I picked this, interviewers often come up with questions like ‘If there’s a track you wish you’d written what would it be?’ It’d be this, always this song. It’s chilled but underneath – the lyrics – they’re so acidic, a juxtaposition to the vibe of the track. Smiling but the eyes are dead would fit nicely.”

“First band I ever saw at a festival was Gomez just after Get myself arrested came out, probably ’98 I think. They were on the new band stage, in fact they opened the new bands stage in Leeds. I was trying to talk everyone with me into coming to watch them. It was pretty quiet, I got right to the front, it was fantastic. I think they’re bigger in The States now, but I’ve picked up every album since.”

“I’d say their sound isn’t obvious and didn’t really fit in with the styles of what was going on at the time. The end of the Britpop era and they weren’t that style of band, nor were they a rockier kind, they just set about doing their own little thing. There’s always the feeling they’re not chasing what people want, they’re making the music they want for themselves and I love when bands do that.”

“They’re a band we’re always compared to a little bit sound-wise, maybe not in the final sound but in the song writing, it’s a compliment. I think partly it’s the use of harmonies, they’ve got such interesting melodies and great song writing.”

“It’s a strange mix from picking something obvious like the Doors to something a bit more random from R.E.M. and Gomez. I like bands that aren’t so obvious but for me they’re a really obvious band, I’ve had everything since their first release. I don’t get that people don’t like them, like I don’t get that people don’t like the Spin Doctors, I’ve got every Spin Doctors release. I’m a massive fan but the majority of their stuff is not very well known and when you start digging the two bands can be very marmite, more so the Spin Doctors though. They’re pretty straight up a blues band, although there are some jazz elements in there. I’ve seen them a couple of times in Liverpool recently and they are great live, great musicianship. I took Ian (Fidel bass player) and Paul (drummer) to see them and they loved them.”

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