“Introvert”: The Mind-blowing Opening Track to Little Simz Fourth Album

April 9, 2022
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Little Simz sprung back into the limelight on 21st April 2021 when she released the first single for her upcoming album Sometimes I Might be Introvert. “Introvert” is a mind-blowing and tumultuous self-reflection discussing her political awakening and internal struggles.

I find the latter most impressive, with Little Simz delivering her bipolarities between being an artist and a person: “Simz the artist or Simbi, the person.” It is a peek behind the curtain of one of the UK’s best rappers, revealing the tortured soul behind the genius. After everything Little Simz has achieved, it is heartwrenching yet understandable to hear her reflections on whether dedicating her life and heart to music for years was worth it. 

But Little Simz flips the script again in this verse, changing directions when her inner demon rightly states “motherfucker, you earned this,” opening an opportunity for her to critique the system that has made her feel this way even while experiencing the greatest success. She tackles “broken homes,” “poverty,” “corruption,” and a whole host of other sins of our current system, drawing them constantly back to her feelings that her music will never be enough.

This verse stopped me in my tracks when I first heard it, and I was delighted when Sometimes I Might Be Introvert was finally released in September 2021. For over an hour, Little Simz delivers some of the greatest rap music to come out of the UK. It is worth several listens.

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