Atmosphere that stands alone

March 18, 2024

For our second album as we get ideas we’re experimenting with Morricone sounds, a bit western like. He’s one of my big heroes. I love all the films from Leone, The Good, the bad and the ugly and so on, they have a certain atmosphere. Richard and I, before we restarted Bromsen, we had a time where we just did some fun songs and there have been some songs in this direction and we’ll pick up these ideas and get the album ready. I’ve even grown a moustache for being a sheriff – I just need a horse.

The music really fitted perfectly in these films but I love the soundtrack so much, I bought it as well. Just sitting with friends with a glass of wine, the moment comes with the second bottle, you can click on the The Good, the bad and the ugly and it’s a great song, that recognisable main theme. A fistful of dollars as well it’s great music, it has great melodies. It stands alone outside of the films which is great for me.

Taken from an interview with Karlo Bromsen – talking to – The Bromsen debut album “Brothers in mind” is out now –

Half of German Indietronic duo Bromsen, formed in Berlin, Germany, consists of Richard (not me) and Karlo Bromsen (me!).
Bromsen's singles keep inspiring dance & rock enthusiastic people around the world, so that most recently the brasilian dance group Lux has created a choreography on Bromsen's debut single Merryman!

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