A great debut

March 8, 2024

Having just put together a debut album (“Brothers in mind” by Bromsen – get it at bromsenmusic.com 😉 ) my mind has been turned to great albums, ones like The Strokes pop up from time to time, The Stereophonics maybe but Nirvana’s Bleach was great, coming ahead of the huge Nevermind. I was a big Nirvana fan at the time. It was more, for me, coming from Nevermind and digging back that I found this. I listened to Bleach a lot, I possibly wouldn’t have if Nevermind hadn’t been around and I’d not gone digging but there was a time when I loved Bleach more when I was younger.

From the sound architecture it is more difficult to get familiar with it, there’s one more poppy song “About a girl” but the others are really much heavier.

When I was young it was the CD age. I still have a lot of CDs – I need to buy some vinyl as well. I always bought the CDs form the bands I was into at the time. For Nirvana I remember there were so many bootlegs. I have 20 or 30 albums from the time. When you’re buying them you have that one band and you’d go everywhere and pick them up just for that one song that was never recorded and released.

When we talking about album spirit I think about what the debut albums are like, they should be a bit rough, have that rough sound. Not perfect, it needs edges. That makes a great debut. That the band can look a bit inside. When the band has success and the second or third album is a banger it is more settled, a kind of Teflon on everything. It’s more clean.

With Nevermind I’ve read that the band hated it afterwards. I’ve read articles with Kurt Cobain where they were like “yeah it was right at the time” but now I hate it. They went back heavier with In Utero, back to recording more roughly. I think not many bands go and take that step back. More should.

Taken from an interview with Karlo Bromsen – talking to Mumubl.com The Bromsen debut album “Brothers in mind” is out now – https://www.bromsenmusic.com/

Half of German Indietronic duo Bromsen, formed in Berlin, Germany, consists of Richard (not me) and Karlo Bromsen (me!).
Bromsen's singles keep inspiring dance & rock enthusiastic people around the world, so that most recently the brasilian dance group Lux has created a choreography on Bromsen's debut single Merryman!

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