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March 13, 2024
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Linking songs to what you have experienced in life, I lived with two friends in a flat about 10 years or so ago. We were best friends and there was one that we had the same music taste. After a big party night, in the morning when you’re all waking up with a sore head, he’d always be playing Eric Burdon, San Fransico nights and Sky pilot. It’ll immediately throw me back to those times when I will hear Sky pilot. It was a heavy night before and it’s so great that songs can put you in an atmosphere immediately depending on what you’ve experienced.

Definitely Maybe we also heard that really intensively as well in that flat. Slide Away was taking the bottle of red wine on the table, you’d slide away with it. You’d get the feeling you can conquer the world, arms up “we’re the kings of the world”. I’d love to think that when people listen to our debut album, some guys when they turn it on – “Merrymen” for example – get some party atmosphere and connect something to these songs, that’s what it’s all about.

Sometimes when you hear songs more and more you think, “Oh that was coming from that direction”, but these melodies come out and it’s not always the case that you know the connection straight away even when you sense roughly where it is coming from. Sometimes it’s just there, probably after you can say “ok”. I think all the melodies are in the big pot inside, the brain does something magical and throws something out and sometimes you immediately know, sometimes you never know but think “great song I don’t know where its coming from but great”. Definitely Maybe holds up some mirrors to the influences of Oasis but always you know “great song”

I’ve said debut albums should be a bit rough, have that rough sound, have the edges. When the band has success and the second or third album is a banger and it is more settled, it’s more clean. I feel that’s what it is with Definitely Maybe to the huge success of What’s the Story Morning Glory, they’d got into their groove. But for me this is the better album. I prefer that roughness and those edges.

Taken from an interview with Karlo Bromsen – talking to Mumubl.com – The Bromsen debut album “Brothers in mind” is out now – https://www.bromsenmusic.com/

Half of German Indietronic duo Bromsen, formed in Berlin, Germany, consists of Richard (not me) and Karlo Bromsen (me!).
Bromsen's singles keep inspiring dance & rock enthusiastic people around the world, so that most recently the brasilian dance group Lux has created a choreography on Bromsen's debut single Merryman!

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