The many faces of SC.Undercover- Predicting the rise of a Pop megastar

March 27, 2021
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SC.Undercover is the British R&B and Pop artist who has recently been on the radar of bloggers far and wide. But why? Back in 2017 “Broke and Sober” and “5AM on the Eastside” the artists first two singles found their way onto a number of Youtube channels. The songs received acclaim by various music enthusiasts. Dark but sensual R&B, relatable narratives with unusual but stunning falsetto vocals drew attention to the artist. Social media didn’t provide too much information on him or his music. There was just a soundcloud account. But the music left people wanting more. 

Fast forward to four years later and the artistic development of his work has been nothing short of phenomenal. The mysterious character that came out of the dark every few months with a new track much to the delight of a few loyal fans, slowly began to branch out, flamboyant singles in 2020 such as Sex Me Like U Want 2″ a George Michael esque Pop record was accompanied by a sensual, fancy video, camp to the max with SCU strutting around in a one piece body suit. Darkness Before Light was a contrasting haunting visual and dark sonic masterpiece, Rock blogs, radio and Pop lovers flocked to the track alike, demonstrating his cross genre appeal. The UK Garage inspired song Morals”, toped the worldwide Hype machine blog chart peaking in the top 5. Followed by a cinematic video shot in Atlanta on tour, with SCU standing on skyscraper rooftops, walking in the street covered in face paint much to the interest of passers by. A brave but impressive feat all in one year for the Independent Walsall UK born singer. In the few interviews that have appeared online in recent months, he talks about his influences of David Bowie and many others, it definitely shows in his work who has inspired certain directions of the songs.
His latest single Deeper Love is a beautiful R&B acoustic song that recently got picked up by Rolling Stone. The point is, SC.UNDERCOVER is no longer just another underground artist. From my perspective there is no other Independent artist that has such charisma and versatile talent who reinvents himself as contrasting musical characters with such conviction, a good actor who sings? Maybe, but when he writes the songs, plays the instruments and sings them all flawlessly, the dollar drops. He’s a rare and uniquely special talent. Currently Independent and running things alone from what I see, I can only see him going to the higher realms of the industry, when you think of the upper echelons of artists today on a global standard they’re good and deserve to be there and so does SC.UNDERCOVER. It’s exciting to see him grow, the early era will one day be something we look back on as the rise of a new Pop megastar.
Twitter: SC_undercover 
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