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January 30, 2023
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Following the anticipated 2022 release of the deluxe album ‘Dark Society’, VAUGHTY returns in 2023 with new genre-defying single ‘1984’ – the feature and title song to a 5 track EP – released January 2023 on Aggro Monkey records.


With the re-release of 1984 showcasing an anthemic melody of synth enthused emotion, the new year has already seen a promising start by Vaughty. Featuring guest vocals of Cherry Ballard, anticipation looms for the music video release, which depicts a desperate struggle of 3 individuals trying to survive after a nuclear apocalypse. A resounding message behind the composition, context shows a cry to humanity – “Wake Up. Don’t let it happen. It’s up to us” Vaughty described the curation of ‘1984’ EP:

This project is inspired by the George Orwell classic – The songs make direct reference to the source material whilst drawing the comparisons and parallels with the current state of the world”

1) Can you tell me a bit about yourself and how your music taste took shape?

The short answer being that Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence” was the song that ignited my passion and got me into music. This led me down a path into loving and experimenting with electronic music. I bought my first keyboard when I was 15 and taught myself how to play. I guess  you could say starting at 15 years old is not an old age to start but it certainly is not like some people who started piano lessons at age 5.

I spent most of my later teenage years learning and experimenting and here I am at the present date with my Vaughty project which I am very proud of. The rest is history


2) What was the last song you listened to?

This morning I was listening to “Monsters” by Empathy Test. 


3) How is your local live music scene – and are there any exciting artists you recommend?

Well I do live in London so there is no shortage. Having said that, A lot of the live music scene has died off due to a lot of historic venues being shut down due to extortionate rent rates and turned into flats and corporate ventures – Gentrification I guess. BLAND AND DULL WITH NO SOUL NOR CHARACTER

I’d say Gareth Jones’s “Electrogenetic” modular synth project is up my street, as is the electronic Due “Cult With No Name.” Once again, speak to me next week and my suggestions will change because there is so much happening here. 


4) Which artists have influenced your sonic style the most and why?

Gary Numan: I love the textures, strange yet beautiful melodies and awkwardness of his unusual persona as well as the big epic and powerful sound.

Depeche Mode: their unusual approach to songs and production.. It’s melancholic,  emotional, true to life and relatable on so many levels. 

Jean Michel Jarre (JJM): His melodic expressiveness and it’s not possible to be an electronic artist and not like JJM.

Vangelis: Much like JJM, with his iconic sound and epic textures, you cannot be an electronic musician without liking Vangelis as far as I am concerned. 

Moby: i love his “grooviness” and sound

Vince Clarke: His use of analogue synthesizers and melody genius 

Elton John: No explanation needed, one of the best contemporary pop pianists and performers of our time 

Nick Cave: his song , broodiness and mystery. 

Lou Reed: His realness, rawness and sincerity. 


5) Which musicians do you think paved the way or revolutionised the industry?

There are many but off the top of my head, certainly Kraftwerk for really putting the spotlight on electronic sound and bringing it to the mainstream. Jean- Michel Jarre and Vangeis of course. Freddie Mercury from Queen for defining the role of a front man, Depeche Mode for their innovation and how they presented songs. Daniel Miller from Mute records for having the ability to choose interesting artists who went on to have longevity and success. Vince Clarke for his brilliant use of synthesizers to create infectious  pop music with tremendous character. Wendy Carlos was just ahead of her time. She was doing groundbreaking stuff back in the time when the technology was in its infancy. notably “Clockwork Orange” and Switched On Bach”


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