Dark Society (Deluxe Edition)

MY MUSIC with Vaughty

Following the anticipated 2022 release of the deluxe album ‘Dark Society’, VAUGHTY returns in 2023 with new genre-defying single ‘1984’ – the

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penny x

back to your dad's


Berlin based PENNY X is a young Alternative-Pop artist that has defined herself as straightforward with her story-telling and lyrics. Her sound

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The Ugly Fun


A Chat with The Ugly Fun

  We caught up with The Ugly Fun after the release of his hotly-acclaimed single ‘Bounce’ to find out what makes the

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Stu Allen

Deana (Not Deanna)

A Chat With Stu Allen

Stu Allen, who’s just released the 70s/80s inspired rock boogie hit ‘Deana (Not Deanna)’, featuring none other than Status Quo’s Matt Letley

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Jo Sarah


A Chat With Jo Sarah

Jo Sarah is an Amsterdam-based artist & producer. Inspired by her multicultural roots (Dutch & Surinamese) and the cultures she grew up

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Close to Paradise

Memories of Paradise

I feel that music is this neverending space where anything can happen, where everything is welcome and can be experimented. This was

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