Don’t Shoot Me Santa: An X-Mas hymn for grown out boys who haven’t been so good

December 7, 2021
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Ahh Christmas time is approaching and it stirs up so many fond memories from my childhood and young adulthood. Rainy days, drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace, decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies, and of course listening to classic Christmas tracks back when tapes and CDs were a thing. Oh, and let’s not forget Dad’s and Mum’s warnings that Santa will gift us only if we were nice throughout the year–and this was the mere and only condition we were allowed to write a letter to this imaginary red and white fuzzy, fat human.
When I first heard “Don’t Shoot me Santa” by L.A native indie rock band “The Killers” in my first year at college (2007), it definetely struck a chord with me. I instantly recalled all these moments when I was a kid and misbehaved, but was still hopeful that my good deeds will outdo my bad ones and Santa will give me what I asked for. Only in the case of “Don’t shoot me Santa”, the vocalist (Brendon Flowers) begs Santa to not shoot him as he did something really horrible (he was a killer) and throughout the song, we hear his yelping plea for Santa’s forgiveness and a deep yet hilarious recognition of his wrongdoing. The song begins with the ballsy admission “I’ve been killing for fun” and builds up to a chorus “Don’t shoot me Santa, I’ve been a clean living boy, I promise you, did every little thing you asked me to..” and in some other parts the Santa replies “Well, the party’s over kid, because I got a bullet in my gun!”. The entire song is a hilarious concoction of smartness and foolishness with a drunk Hillbilly sounding Santa that tries to come across as vengeful but fails. If you check out the videoclip of the song,  this Santa’s sound and depiction are more than apparent.
The melody itself is nothing spectacular; Just a typical Indy rock track with some obvious Duran-Duran and 70s influences, but pleasant to hear nonetheless. So overall, if you are looking for a black-humorish and alternative tune to add to your Christmas track list this year, this is definitely it.

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