Baby it’s cold outside, but not the version you think

December 16, 2023
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This one might raise some eyebrows.

If you read my previous submission where I named Boney M’s – Mary’s Boy Child as my favourite Christmas song, then I’m hoping it comes to no surprise that my second favourite is just as left field!

Baby it’s Cold Outside was written by Frank Loesser in 1944 as a song to encourage guests to leave his house after a party. Since then it’s had a variety of covers, including one from Dean Martin and as you may only just be learning – Seth McFarlane!

You may know Seth better as the creator, and voice of many characters from Family Guy. He’s also been a producer and director of hit films such as Ted and Ted 2.

However, Seth has also had record deals with Universal Republic Records, releasing his Debut album in 2011.

Seth has collaborated with Sara Bareilles on two of his albums, and Sara is the female voice in Baby it’s Cold Outside.

So why is it my second favourite? Similar to my first choice by Boney M, it’s the memories of the song that encourage me to play it every year. As a life-long fan of Family Guy, I had always wondered how Seth made several of his characters have such great voices. After some google-fuing, I realised that he is actually a very successful artist and that his real singing voice (not his characters) is great and what I would class as a very Sinatra-esque voice.

My wife and I enjoying singing the song each year, although I do often get caught singing both parts of the duets. Oops.

A big lover of music. I spend a lot of my time working online, often development of sites such as Madlows -  which means I always need to have music on to help me focus

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