It’s the sound of Windows (and Apple): When software sounds get orchestrated

August 1, 2021
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While I believe  music and comedy don’t really mesh–many times the result is just tacky or moronic, there are some folks that prove music with a comedy twist can make a really nice and quality duo. 

When I accidentally came across British musician and comedian Rainer Hersch (thanks to my YT recommendations) and listened to a couple of his orchestrated works, I had an “Aha” moment. This guy is probably crazy or genius (or maybe both) but his unconventional ideas to mix music with comedy are quite the thing. I mean, who could have thought of turning the familiar sounds of Windows and Apple tones into orchestrated waltz melodies? 


His 27-million hits orchestrated windows sound clip, is a definite proof that turning annoying windows sounds into classic music may sound bizarre, but is totally plausible. It starts with the unfamous keyboard error sound, turns into a pleasant waltz melody-which apparently mimics the phase when windows run smoothly and concludes with a naturally exclaimed “shit” (when windows freeze). It’s like Strauss and his buddies took the time-travel machine, landed in the 2010s era, and tried to come up with a new piece using MS Windows–but found themselves a tad fazed by the whole experience. 


And while the melody was based on Windows XP sounds, which have fizzled out a decade ago, the newest 2016 composition on Apple and Siri tones remains relevant. If you are wondering where that xylophone ringtones really came from, Hersh and his orchestra give their own explanation in the UK’s subway. Siri’s voice commentary especially, which ends with a “if you think this sucks try a Windows phone”, is the perfect final riposte to those who can’t appreciate such tunes. Totally priceless!


So whether the current tracks are a musical mockery of popular iOS sounds or a spicy advertisement, I’m not really sure, but the result is undeniably amusing–and I hope he comes up with newer versions of iOS sounds soon. 


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