As time goes by, it is not strange to notice that a Latin-American rhythm pops up in more than just a modern song, because more and more artists are trying to change their own image and do some sort of collab with other artists.

One of the most well-known artists that did a collab were American artist Selena Gomez with Puerto Rican artist Ozuna in the song “Taki Taki”. In fact, Selena Gomez had been publishing some Spanish tracks for the last few months, and she’s not the only one who’s done that. Christina Aguilera also released an entire album in Spanish called “Mi reflejo” back in the 2000s, and Billie Eilish had recently made a collab with Rosalía called “Lo Vas a Olvidar”.

In the media, there’s also bilingual speakers who had made songs both in Spanish and English such as Enrique Iglesias, Prince Royce, Pitbull, Romeo Santos, Shakira and Ricky Martin, and it’s not weird to hear people from all around the world dancing and singing to some of their songs.

Thanks to social media, this process of knowing songs from all around the world had been an easier thing to do, so we’re listing the top ten most played Spanish songs—and who knows, you may know one or two of them:

10.  Macarena – Los Del Río (1993)

This 90s song was, is, and will forever be a very well-known song. Released by Spanish band Los Del Río, it’s simply a song you can’t help but dance to. With an incredibly good rhythm and good choreography, this song is so catchy it will make you hum it for a while.

9.  De Música Ligera – Soda Stereo (1990)

This song by Soda Stereo, Argentinean band lead by Gustavo Cerati, it’s a classic among Spanish speakers. Argentinean National Rock is a very important genre since it’s filled with history, and this song is the legacy of a band that went through a lot of changes and major life events.

8. Maria – Ricky Martin (1995)

This iconic song is not only catchy but presumable one of the best dancing songs of all time. By Puerto Rican artist Ricky Martin, this song combines Latin-American rhythms and amazing vocals by lead singer.

7. Suerte (Wherever, Whenever) – Shakira (2001)

Colombian artist Shakira was at her peak when she released this amazing song. Her early songs are iconic, not only because of her iconic voice but also for her thoughtful and ingenious lyrics. The artist not only released this song in Spanish, but also in English, gaining more popularity in the non-Spanish speaking countries.

6. Ay Vamos – J Balvin (2013)

Colombian artist released this song back in the 2010’s, and it’s one of the most viewed song in YouTube with more than 1.560B views. The rhythm, even if it’s slower than usual, has a very catchy chorus and it’s been in every single radio station since its release.

5. Criminal – Natti Natasha ft. Ozuna (2017)

Just like the previous one, this song sung by Dominican Natti Natasha and Puerto Rican Ozuna is slower than usual, but it’s a good song to chill to. With more than 1,752B views in YouTube, this song has been very popular since 2017.

4. Échame la Culpa – Luis Fonsi ft. Demi Lovato (2019)

This song is sung by Puerto Rican artist Luis Fonsi and American actress and singer Demi Lovato. With more than 1,770B views on YouTube, this lively song has been a hit since then and it’s been played everywhere, even in 2021.

3. Mi Gente – Willy Williams ft. J Balvin (2018)

Another song by Colombian artist J Balvin and French Willy Williams, this song became a massive hit back in 2018, and it’s still a very well-known song. On YouTube, this catchy but repetitive song has more than 2.250B views.

2. Chantaje – Shakira ft. Maluma (2017)

Colombian artists Shakira and Maluma released this song in 2017 and so far, the music video has reached more than 2.323B views on YouTube. This very catchy song became an instant hit and it’s been very popular since then, especially for the music video.

1.    Despacito – Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee (2019)

This song, with more than 5.987B views on YouTube is said to be one of the most viewed video of all time. This song, originally sung by Puerto Rican artists Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi, had been covered more than a million times being the most well-known one by Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

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