Nick Burningup Blaze A South Carolina Native

July 3, 2023
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Nick Burningup Blaze is an African American business major and is known as a lyrical emcee specializing in hip hop music. Nick is a Spartanburg, South Carolina native who took hip hop music to bigger heights in a city not well known for the music. It was a long journey but Nick wanted to show others around him that you can do anything possible as long as you put your mind to it. Nick Burningup Blaze has collaborated with radio host DJ JJ Solomon from 864 Hip Hop Radio out of Greenville, South Carolina. He has participated in interviews with two notable radio hosts out of Atlanta, Georgia including Dj Waffles from the Padded Room and Reuben Wood from Fly 93.5 SOMTALK LIVE. Nick has also performed in numerous showcases in South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, California, and Georgia. Some notable showcases include A3C (festival in Atlanta), Magic City (Atlanta), Smith Ole Bar (Atlanta), Spring Urban festivals(Atlanta), The Study (Hollywood), RJ Rockers Brewery (Spartanburg), and various Vegan festivals throughout the southeast. He has released albums such as The Young CEO, Nothing to Lose More to Gain, Business Major the mixtape, The Blaze Tapes series and Mindset. Nick started recording music at a young age and fell in love. With his background in music beginning in the church, his passion towards music started early in life. Nick is a single father working hard to build a legacy for his son and himself one day. Nick started performing in different cities to get his music heard by those in the industry. Nick considers his biggest accomplishment in his music career at this time to be performing at the BET Experience in Hollywood, California. His humble spirit and love for the music industry drives his respect towards becoming a professional within the music industry. Nick has the utmost respect for all his fans and those professionals who take the time to listen to his music and support his dreams.

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