An interview with Scottish indie band – Slix

March 10, 2023
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Hailing from Gourock, Inverclyde in Scotland, SLIX are a five piece that have made waves since their debut in 2018. After establishing a clear fanbase across the UK, the outfit are embarking on an exciting new chapter; February 24th 2023 marks the return of SLIX and their anthemic new release ‘With You‘.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and how your music taste took shape?

Aside from our day jobs of shop keeping , care taking , pizza delivery man & paper scanners We would say our music taste is shaped by listening to loads of different genres in our younger days ranging from KISS, Miles Davies , Nirvana & white stripes.

‘With You’ provides the latest development of SLIX. Featuring a developed experimental approach to the production and writing process, the track includes new effects and instrumental layering. The band go on to state: “Our latest single demonstrates a delicate & more mature side to our sound … heartfelt lyricism whilst capturing the essence of SLIX’s writing style & our favoured punchy choruses” .

What was the last song you listened to?

HarveyBlackout – Turnstile 

Niven – More Ps – James Brown Band 

Baba – Promise Land –  Chuck berry 

Ally – Black Summer red hot chilli peppers

Robbie – Joe Joesef 

Establishing their 2022 debut EP – ‘Jingle Jangle’, word spread fast about the carnage unfolding at their shows and every date across the country was a fast sell-out: including a hometown gig in under 3 minutes and Glasgow’s King Tuts in just 5 days.

How is your local live music scene – and are there any exciting artists you recommend? 

The Inverclyde music scene has really started to pick up momentum recently with loads of potential in the last few years ! Our favourite to name a few are Peached , the Wits & Strange Dimensions (SD)

Their infectiously energetic live presence, alternative-indie sound and relatable lyricism has fans and media buzzing for what’s next. With rave reviews from the likes of Jack Saunders, BBC Introducing and Tenement TV – not to mention having shared the stage with the likes of The View and others – it’s no surprise that many predict a bright future ahead for the lads.

Which artists have influenced your image and sound the most and why?

To start off with our sound , we like to think that there is loads of different aspects that make up the SLIX sound ! So it’s hard to say but to name a few are baby strange , Vlure , Gallus and many many more. But for our image we would say we are quite true to ourselves and dress how we like to dress & don’t think too much about it! 

“BANGER. That was wicked.” Jack Saunders of BBC Radio 1 on Current Affairs.

Which musicians do you think paved the way or revolutionised the industry?

We feel that bands such as Queen and The Beatles have paved the way for musicians, but a current band that is revolutionising the industry is ‘STONE’. The way that they utilise social media platforms to advertise themselves is inspiring and demonstrates how digital media can be taken advantage of for promotion.

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