Interview with Dr Jaymz about new release – ‘ALL TO YOU’

November 4, 2022
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Originally from London, Dr Jaymz is pioneering an individualistic sound in the dance scenes of Boston, USA. On a mission to deliver a message of hope and love to the younger generation, Dr Jaymz has a likeness of pioneering artists like Tiesto, David Guetta & Calvin Harris. Throwing down from the pulpit with music as his rod of salvation, previous releases have been broadcast on BBC Essex and local radio stations across the US, UK and Europe. Accumulating an unprecedented following , Dr Jaymz is preparing to make new waves with his authentic new release, ‘ALL TO YOU’.


Finding inspiration from one’s own philanthropic endeavors, first-hand experiences have aided the feel-good atmosphere intended from this pop tune. From providing education for thousands of students in India, to relief work in Pakistan, this track emphasizes the passion Dr Jaymz projects, emitting his appreciation for a proactive and selfless society. With his only regret being how delayed his participation in missionary work was – as a later chapter in his life – it is clear ‘ALL TO YOU’ is an anthem for hope.

“My goal is to continue releasing music that conveys a message of love to all generations, but especially the younger generation. I would also like to collaborate with established artists and help others who wish to start out in their music careers” DR JAYMZ

People are going through many struggles right now, our world is overwhelmed with catastrophes, war and disaster. Approximately 280 million people in the world have depression. Music is a way to cope, escape and evolve from such negativity, and communicate hope with listeners. To achieve this, uplifting sound designs were a key feature of the track – utilizing synth arpeggios developed to create a musical hook. Whilst the lyricism is fundamentally a timeless pop melody that will get stuck in your head, they convey the narrative of taking the listener on a journey of healing.


INTERVIEW (by Anna Sykes)

‘All To You’ draws inspiration from your philanthropic work – how have these experiences changed you and shaped you as a person?

Having been involved in Christian ministry and philanthropy for over 20 years, I have come to realise the plight of people’s struggles, brokenness and depression. Hence, I wanted to produce a song with a strong message of hope that can refocus the listener from their situation to a saviour – Jesus.


What do you hope that your listeners will take from this song? 

I hope this song teaches people how to pray. The music video conveys the story of people going through different problems, i.e., financial debt, broken relationships, alcoholism and depression. But as they call upon Jesus in prayer, the message of the song is that God can turn their problem into praise.


‘All To You’ has a very upbeat, positive sound which complements its uplifting message perfectly. How did you craft this sound? 

The sound designs were chosen to take people on a journey from despair to hope. For example, the rumbling sub bass in the verses are quite dark, depicting a depressive mood. But in the build/pre-chorus, the bass disappears, conveying the idea of breakthrough, leaving just the silky guitar licks. Finally, the chorus/drop introduces a danceable beat with immersive synths, creating a mood of praise and hope. 


Following on from that, what came first – the lyrics or the beat/production?

With this song, the beat/production came first. Once we got this right with all the mood changes, the lyrics followed.


Music is such a powerful force for bringing people hope and connection. What songs have helped you get through a tough time in your life? 

In my downtime, I listen to a lot of contemporary Christian Music. The lyrics are focused on Jesus and worship. The reason I like worship music so much is because it takes my eyes from the problem to the solution.


What do you think is the most rewarding part of being a musician? 

My reward is not in entertaining people, or creating fame or fortune. It’s about transforming lives. If I can change the eternal destiny of just one soul, I would be happy. 

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