A Review of GENERATION’s Provocative New Single ‘BANG BANG BANG’: Music Video Release Ahead of UK Tour & Crawlers Support Slot

November 6, 2022
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After garnering a loyal following on TikTok and support from BBC Introducing, Generation make a provocative return with their brand new single “BANG BANG BANG”.  Best known for their explosive live shows, Generation’s upcoming gigs include supporting CRAWLERS at a sold out O2 Academy show in their hometown of Liverpool and headline shows all over the UK.


Generation are a three piece that hail from North of the UK. Spearheaded by brothers Dean & James Carne, with addition of new drummer Hattie Steel (who recently shared the stage with the Darkness), the group are in their best form ever and are set to make waves in all their high-heeled glory. Following their release of pop rock anthem, ‘Break Ur Heart’, the band have recently released the much anticipated single, ‘BANG BANG BANG’. The song explores themes of love, fetishes and gaslighting, all wrapped up in a risqué music video which displays the bands inhibited charm.


When listening to the track, it has a clear embodiment of an industrial sound whilst maintaining a melody that has definite pop appeal. Presenting a diversified sound much like the new rock icons dominating scenes – similar to Måneskin, Cassyette and Dream Wife – Generation have set a precedent for themselves as an act to watch. ‘BANG BANG BANG’ opens with a tame introduction reminiscent to The Cure, before introducing the electric guitar. The steady decent into the heavier next verse introduces audiences to distinguishable vocals by frontman, Dean. Adding a layer to the traditional indie rock instrumental, the stripped back intro provides the opportunity to explore lyricism within the verses. Touching upon themes of emotional abuse, a rawness presents an organic and authentic expression in the vocals, conveying the familiarity of us all knowing a character which we could sing BANG BANG BANG about. Following a dramatic break, nothing prepares listeners for the incredibly catchy chorus that follows. Repeated throughout the track, such lines like “she’s so toxic but I can’t help it, she’s so fucking hypnotic” prove something you want to scream in the shower.


True to the life oozing out of Liverpool’s creative quarters, the production involved local creatives and Director, Connor Di Leo. It is clear the band had a particular vision when writing the track that they wanted to make clear in the visual presentation of their angsty anthem. It can be argued that they achieved just that: layering some interesting shots with controversial snippets of film ignited the conversations that Generation wanted to start. Entitled BANG BANG BANG, the name doesn’t compare to the explosive sound of their latest musical endeavour. Controversial TikTok creators with a heavy hitting sound, it is hard to miss this vinyl wearing triple threat. 

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