Divinely Feminine

FKA twig’s ‘MAGDALENE’ had me bewitched from the very first listen. The album is feminine, with a mesmerising mix of spiritual energy, vulnerability and tragedy. MAGDALENE is not only a break-up album but an exploration of her emotions regarding her health, as she had six fibroid tumours removed from her uterus. As a result, her “confidence as a woman was knocked”. As you can imagine, each song is filled with soul… 

The most famous track ‘cellophane’ was the first song by the artist in 3 years. The lyrics share a vulnerable recollection of her relationship with Robert Patterson. While a couple, twigs received hoards of vile racist abuse online from Patterson fans, “they want to see us, want to see us alone” / “they want to see us, want to see us apart.” The singer’s ex-partner did not defend her, hence the haunting line “why won’t you do it for me?” / “when all I do is for you?”


Want to find out more? Check out Grounded with Louis Theroux (FKA Twigs) to hear them discuss a variety of interesting topics. 

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