I remember when Radiohead were a guitar band

July 10, 2012

To those who listen to recent Radiohead they’d be probably be surprised to delve into the back catalogue and find that Radiohead used to be a guitar band, and a damn good one at that. Personally I lost track of Radiohead after OK Computer and I prefer them on those first few albums, the others being Pablo Honey and The Bends.

Creep comes from Pablo Honey where Radiohead were probably at their most guitar-ish (the album includes the track “Anyone can play guitar”) and being in high school Creep hit that teenage misfit melancholy note perfectly. I remember getting the album for the first time by copying it on tape from a friend and then later making a CD copy, later when my parents got a scanner I’d copy and print the covers out – I always remember my copy of Pablo Honey was a little bit low res. I did of course like a good consumer purchase a legitimate copy of the album!
It was also one of the first tracks I played live with my high school / college band – a three song set in the school hall with Foxy Lady and a Green Day song.
The song itself is, as mentioned, a perfect anthem for teenage angst and so relatable to any feelings of not fitting in as surely any high school student feels at some point? Looking back that shines through and also a slight sadness as one of the high points of a Radiohead that I’m not sure make music the same way anymore.

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