The start of a musical love

July 9, 2012

Whilst putting the site together I knew I’d obviously have to write the first posts and I’ve spent some time thinking of where to start when in all honesty I knew who the artist would be, I just wasn’t sure what track to go with – it made sense to start at the beginning.

Whilst some people who know me would imagine I’ve listened to Ben Folds forever I remember very clearly my introduction to him whilst on holiday in Crete. Without some cross checking and asking family I couldn’t tell you what year for sure but I was probably about 15 – 16 or thereabouts. Having made the usual group of holiday friends we had spotted a piano in the reception area of the hotel. Both me and my sisters could play a little and we started tapping away on it, one of the other kids with us sat down and started fiddling around and played the basic riff from the song – it sounded great, so simple and lovely, there’s a sentimental feel just to the piano riff.
Having found out what the song was, once we got home I ordered the album “Whatever and ever amen”, I think we tried finding it in some local record stores without much luck first. I swiftly listened to it and followed with anything else Ben Folds Five I could get my hands on and I’ve been getting pretty much everything I can since, including numerous trips to see him live.
The song itself is lovely, the haunting piano riff, the genuine emotion and agony of the song’s
“I poured my heart out” refrain. The feeling of loss and disbelief, embodying a sense of helplessness, makes it such a sentimental and moving song, one to listen to and reflect on things.

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