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I slightly missed out on Nirvana, I’ve listened to a lot of stuff since but as a teenager in the late 90s I missed the boat and Kurt Cobain was already dead by the time I became interested. Instead I grew up listening to Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl and a great band who are still releasing stuff. I think there’s a certain great memory of a band you listen to whilst learning an instrument, the Foo Fighters were there and releasing what I’m sure are considered classic albums now, whilst I was learning to play guitar and playing together with friends. The discovery of website such as ultimate guitar also helped from there I printed out stacks and stacks of tabs learning tons of guitar riffs.

I think The Colour and The Shape may have been my first Foo Fighters album I’m not sure, I remember having the self titled Foo Fighters but I think I bought that retrospectively. Still as with many bands I love I’ve bought everything since, even the stuff that isn’t quite as good as the old glory days of the band. 
Everlong is a slight slow down from the rest of the album, but it’s no less intense in any way, in fact it’s probably more so. A song that strains with emotion and has a great acoustic version which is probably just a popular. All that emotion is tied to a great driving guitar and believe me is every bit as good live.

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