How music had taken some influence from other timelines along the years

March 25, 2021
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When you think about music, the first thing that may pop on your head is how much it has changed throughout the years.

Music evolved from classical Beethoven to classic rock Led Zeppelin… and it doesn’t stop there either.

With the coming of pop music, many artists decided to jump on the wagon and decided to try, at least once, to write and/or compose that kind of songs. With music writers such as Swedish Max Martin (which is the author of many hit pop songs such as “No Tears Left to Cry”, by Ariana Grande, and “Oops! I Did It Again”, by Britney Spears, just to name a few), the pop industry started gaining millions and millions of dollars in sells because pop sells, and people listen to it on the radio and on different platforms almost every day.

But what about rock? For all the people that might think that it’s dead, it’s not. It’s alive and doing well, and many artists such as Machine Gun Kelly that had never released a rock album decided to try it for the first time, and he did a good job.

Many artists such as System of a Down, Weezer, even Avril Lavigne had made an appearance on the last few years with new music—bands that were thought to be forgotten, but were certainly not.

But where do all the genres come from?

The history of music is very interesting, and it starts on the Renaissance. Written and sung on Europe from the 1400, the pieces were played on violin, guitar, flute and keyboard instruments. Moving on to the Baroque, on the 1600, we can find composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi and Georg Friedrich Händel. The pieces were destined for the rich people, the ones who could afford even listening to some artists sing or play the different instruments—something that, lucky for us, changed throughout time.

Classical music made an appearance, at last. Many artists such as Mozart and Beethoven were very well known, and then during the Romanticism, Brahms and Chopin were the most important ones.

But why is it important to know about the history of music? Very simple. During the Modernism, in the 20th century, many aspects of the forementioned eras were taken and “modernized” as what we hear today.

But it doesn’t stop there. Many rock, pop, rap and trap songs derived from the African rhythms. Even today we can find that certain songs such as “Treat People With Kindness”, by Harry Styles is inspired by the 70s music.

Music is evolving, and with those changes, we can tell that they were inspired by many other aspects. This is not a bad thing, at all. Especially taking into account the fact that we can learn from other timelines, such as the 80s, and make a twist to many modern music.

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