The Money Song (I’m a Millionaire)

February 20, 2024
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he M.O.B Agency Presents: The Money Song by Pryme Minister!

Our mainstream music has been hijacked, and the gatekeepers are heavily obsessed with death and prostitution. Music Minister Joseph Goebbels 440hz tuning causes psychosocial distress. We believe that music sounds better if it heals……

The Money Song ($ong) is a revolutionary track by Pryme Minister, almost like an affirmative track for mainstream culture. It’s a bold statement of intent that’s available for download on Laced with a hard-hitting beat and Luxurious lyrics, allegedly a few people have testified of receiving unexpected favors during or after listening.

~ I bought a $5 scratch off ticket after blasting the song on repeat, I won $200! (Trey- Trying again lol)

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