Have my musical tastes hit a Crossroad?

June 7, 2022

For as long as I can remember I loved Fast Car more than anything else I’d heard from Tracy Chapman. It’s what everyone talked about when they said her name, and it’s an all-time classic without a doubt. Then one day I was listening to her greatest hits (it’s something of a weekly ritual) and the tribal beauty of the melody in Crossroads hit me. 


I was lifted, energised and enthused about life in a way that was hard to put into words. How had I not fully tuned into this track before? I must have heard it thousands of times, and yet today was the moment my brain fully took it all in. I had pictures before my eyes of everything I wanted my life to be, and I had the energy in side of me to go out into the world and make it happen. 


What was happening to me? I listened to it a few more times on loop (12 if I’m being honest lol) and realised by musical tastes had arrived at a crossroads. How apt! 


I was in the mood for dreaming big today, rather than just dancing the night away. My mind had suddenly decided today would be the day where I wouldn’t just party to music, I would sit and think about what it truly mean to me. 


Thank you Tracy…you really did think of everything all those years ago! 

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