I am the girl anachronism….

July 10, 2022

A band that oozes vulgarity and humor alike, The Dresden Dolls are a part of my soul. Upon hearing Girl Anachronism for the first time, my hair stood on end and i immediately craved more. Not only are they lyrical geniuses, the melodic but chaotic string of piano and drums that encompasses Girl Anachronism delivers a cacophony of emotions. Honestly, my 15-year-old self still screams out the lyrics whenever this plays.

The song is based on Amanda Palmer’s youth, feeling disconnected from the world, and at the time of hearing this song, I could comparably relate. Being born in the wrong time, angry, sad, happy, apologetic, a mix of raw emotions you can hear being bellowed in every line. This song amongst others by The Dresden Dolls, however, is a very acquired taste and i can certainly agree this isn’t for everybody. But as a kid, it left me wanting to wear waistcoats and carry a pocket watch on my weekend strolls through the park without a care in the world. It made me question how seemingly key bashing on a piano managed to create such beautiful yet messy songs. I even tried shaving my eyebrows off and replacing them with liquid eyeliner squiggles to really bring my inner Amanda Palmer to life. As you can imagine, it didn’t go well and I was left with itchy stubble for a considerable amount of time.

To many, including my wife – this song sounds like someone has allowed their 3-year-old to play a mix of instruments and then solder them all together willy-nilly. To me, this sounds like perfection.

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