There’s Levels to this game…

May 31, 2022
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When it comes to anthems that really mean something to you, it’s safe to say there’s levels to the game. In fact, if you want my opinion, Levels is the only track you’ll ever need when it’s time to boost your energy and lift your mood.  What a talent Avicii was and what stunning drops and hooks he managed to create during a career that was so tragically cut short. The way he blended euphoric trance and big base really made me sit up and take notice the first time he came on the radio. Was this the rebirth of the Swedish House Mafia? Had Pete Tong found another gear after so many years at the very top of his game? No, this was someone completely out of left field.  There’s so many classics that came our way from this little genius, but Levels is without doubt my favourite. Whether I’m training on a cold winter morning, or getting energised at the beach on a summer evening, I honestly couldn’t think of a better track to do it all with.  The drop is what got me at first, but over time I’ve come to love the euphoric trance notes that sit in the background. They’re what truly make this a feel-good anthem, and they’re what I’m going to be taking with me as I feel good about life for many years to come. 
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