I’ve always enjoyed this track, in no small part that’s due to the simple catchy riff which was probably one I picked up early on when playing the guitar and it’s pretty easy to remember.

But what also strikes me about the song is how it’s presented in films and on TV as practically an anthem for Alabama. How it captures such a proud mood, the up yours we don’t care to Neil Young for dissing them. A good and proper celebration of the place called home and the way of life there.
I’ve never been to Alabama so I couldn’t tell you if everyone wanders round with that attitude, playing sweet home Alabama like some state anthem, and I sure hope they do. But one thing I do think is wouldn’t you love an anthem that sounds as good as this? From the great guitar riff, to the care free feeling and the equally funky piano solo as it fades out. It’s a lot funkier than God Save the Queen – though that doesn’t mean I endorse Brian May guitar soloing all over it like some kind of intellectual Jimi Hendrix.

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