I think my first introduction to this song was via the Greenday cover version, possibly done for a Pepsi advert or at least used on one. It’s a song we used to play with my band in college. My uncle pointed out when we used to cover it that the song was originally written for his generation, yet it doesn’t seem to ring any less true for any preceding generation, as much as we think we’re different to our parents  it turns out we’re all treading the same paths. We’re all trying to make our way and overthrowing the expectations of those who have gone before us. The rebellious teenage spirit is something that has persisted throughout the years. So kids as much as you think your out of touch parents have no idea about anything you should probably give them more credit.

But it leads me to thinking does this mean our musical tastes are now no different to our parents? I think they probably are but I think with the history of recorded music there is now a much broader taste and that music from past generations holds much better than it may have done fifty or sixty years ago. Possibly just wild speculation from me, I’m not about to do a scientific or cultural study but if someone does please let me know.
But back to the music, this is a straight up rock song I guess, simply structured with it’s roots firmly in traditional Blues / R&B type music. With all the bits everyone likes about rock songs, chunky guitar, just a general great tune with simple easy universal appeal.
And it even features a bit of bass solo-ing! You don’t get that every day. 

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