A Review of New Town’s Recent Indie-Pop Anthem ‘Spark’

December 16, 2022
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New Town have released an anthemic new single that showcases their indie-rock potential as one to watch for 2023. Following their debut ‘Sail Away’ earlier this year, the Scottish based outfit have proven their ability to release music on par with festival anthems, drawing influence from names like Sam Fender. 

Already supporting the likes of Andrew Cushin, the band originally started as a 5 piece veering towards more synth based pop. Like many, New Town endured hardships during covid and their musical trajectory changed – facilitating exploration into the sound of a full guitar band. Sonically, their newer release, ‘Spark’, has elevated the band to a more raw sound that makes listeners wonder what one of their live performances may encompass.

Starting off as unassuming, the track utilises a gradual build with the full force of the instrumental melody peaking after you’re one minute in. Sonically, it is clear New Town’s school years saw the rise of the avid indie scene, where bands like Arctic Monkeys paved the way for many aspiring outfits. New Town highlight this themselves when stating such influences: “held a heavy influence over how we want to be perceived as a band”.

Through Indie-pop power chords, New Town’s music resonates with real life experiences that touch upon topics of love, emotion and mistakes. With influences from the 1975, Snuts, Kings of Leon, and Harry Styles, the rising indie guitar enthused outfit have plans for 2023. Teasing new releases on the horizon, there are hints of a future tour; cemented with the band’s recent production signifying their venture into England when they played multiple shows outside of Glasgow.
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