August 20, 2022
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Say hello to the upcoming, new artist that’s fresh with impactful music from years of experience. Blaze Trackz hails from Fairfield, CA with a musical presence that is soon to take over the world

Growing up in Newburgh, NY, Blaze Trackz discovered Soul, R&B, and Hip Hop Music at a very young age from both of his parents Tumeka Martin and David Larkins, Sr. 
Advancing his education in music, Blaze Trackz attended American River College in Sacramento, Ca, where he achieved his A.A. in Audio Engineering for Music Business and Technology. Studying under Dr. Merlyn Van Regenmortor, Trackz learned the ins and outs of mixing, allowing him to take the full span of production under his own belt and be completely self-sufficient in music creation. Following his time in Northern California, Blaze Trackz relocated to Los Angeles after being accepted into University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music. This time- studying the Business of Music. 
Loaded with knowledge from both the technical and commercial facets of the music industry, Blaze Trackz is pushing full-steam ahead into his career. Working as a songwriter and composer, Trackz has co-written with and composed for dozens of independent musicians over the past ten years, transcending musical genres. Now embarking on his own artist endeavors, Trackz has honed both his craft and his ears to tap into the pulse of current music – and push it with his lyric-driven style.

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