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August 2, 2022
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An International artist and producer Obvdo is redefining the African entertainment scene one project at a time. His unique take on Afro-fusion has gone well beyond the borders of his home country of Botswana and taken the continent by storm. With over two decades of experience in the music industry, Obvdo is well versed in considering both the creative side and listener engagement. His professional network is well established. He is signed to Invictus World Wide LLC, a company founded on the concept that human creativity is a gift to be cherished and celebrated.


Obvdo is currently working on his first studio album with Invictus. He has two tracks in the works that are set to debut in an upcoming special feature. Songs “No Limit” and “Maximum” are theme songs for the highly anticipated Nijel Amos documentary and accompanying soundtrack. Nijel Amos is a competitive sprinter and Olympian who earned Botswana their first-ever Olympic medal and is highly regarded by the people for his achievements. Botswana-based Director Ishmael Ghavorr Otlaadisa directed the accompanying music videos for both, neither of which have been released yet, and “Maximum” was edited by Staten Island-based CarlLu Production, who are also the directors of the documentary film.


After years of recording and performing, the worldwide talent whose given name is Okoth Asante Obado, has adapted several monikers and is also widely recognized by his stage name Oba tekone. Obvdo’s breakthrough came in 2009 when he placed 3rd in the Channel O rap battle competition, MC Africa. In 2010 Obvdo joined the supergroup FADED, which gave birth to the 267 movement and opened the door to many opportunities, including collaborations with major players in multiple genres. By 2015 his music had reached the South Pacific and the United Kingdom, spilling over into Europe and Asia. He has since shared the stage with huge international acts such as Rick Ross, Nasty C, and AKA. Obvdo’s online presence, particularly on streaming platforms, has helped him amass an incredible fanbase that is rapidly edging into mainstream territory.

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