Love Was Never Enough

April 27, 2024
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No Face, No Name, a dynamic group from New Orleans, is carving a distinct path in the music landscape with their authentic sound and creative songwriting style. Their upcoming album, Love Was Never Enough, set to release on 6/7/2024, is eagerly anticipated following the success of their five track EP Love Wasn`t Enough. Under the guidance of main producer and award-winning writer, Tyris Terrell McKnight, the group has crafted a project that delves deep into themes of heartbreak and the seven stages of grief.

Chart-topping singles Impeccable and Thoughts from their previous releases will also feature on the album, continuing the exploration of emotional depth and complexity that has resonated with fans. No Face, No Name`s trajectory in the music industry is marked by a rapidly growing fan base, underscoring their appeal and the relatable authenticity of their music. As anticipation builds, both new and existing fans are keen to experience the full narrative arc promised in Love Was Never Enough.

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