Leaping Lovers

May 2, 2021
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Would you blindly take the leap without knowing when and how you might land?
A question the Rocky VanDoa band members found themselves contemplating, while writing their hit song, ‘Lover’s Leap’. Although the duo, already best friends, had spent the last few years performing together, neither one of them knew what an incredible journey they were about to embark upon, saving each other and themselves along the way.
Lover’s Leap started out as some lines and phrases; lyrics scribbled down in a
tattered notebook as Chris jotted down the emotions currently weighing on his
heart. This had always been an effective songwriting style for him. However, he
didn’t realize by leaving his notebook on the kitchen table, he was inviting his
soon to be partner in music, life and love to produce what, one might consider,
a counteroffer.
Dawn, who stumbled upon his new lyrics the next day, quietly added her heartfelt rebuttal. Another page of lines and phrases, this one reflecting everything she felt at that
moment and hoped to feel in the future. The result; ‘Lovers Leap’, Track 5 on The
Rocky VanDoa Band’s debut album, ‘Drunk & Crazy’. 

The Rocky VanDoa Band – Lover’s Leap

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