KXG an artist breaking through a oversaturated music industry

It’s no secret, ask anyone with BIG goals. Persistence is essential for anyone chasing their dreams, especially those trying to break through into today’s wildly oversaturated music industry. One of many positives is the music industry is continuously growing to be inclusive, barriers are being knocked down, and opportunities for unique new artists to be heard. Enter. KXG. A 22-year-old rap artist from the legendary music city of Saint Louis Missouri. KXG has already had his music played a Quarter million times in 100 countries and has had the biggest artists in his city open up for him. Spending his teenage years in Tampa Florida, KXG formed a hip-hop group at the young age of 13 for there he was seeking local shows by garnering attention from local independent artists and radio interviews. “The 813 has a deep influence on me.

Tampa carved out the southern sound and aesthetic (versatile style and trippy visuals) that is seen and heard in my Art today” – frustrated KXG elaborated “I truly make Art in a day everyone is exploiting music for a quick buck. People say that can cause you to be overheard but I say it makes me the diamond in the ruff”… Age 6 KXG began mixing, age 13 KXG began investing in building a recording studio where he has self-taught himself over the years the ins and outs of this creative art.

Today, KXG produces, mixes, and masters all of his music. What’s impressive is his competence in each skill being so diverse and complex. As KXG leaves we truly found ourselves excited and wondering, what will KXG do next?

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