November 22, 2022

30 year old rapper and vocalist Young Torres, Born Remington T Brown lead MC for boyband Young N Charge born in May 1st 1992 grew up to artists such as Bowwow Lil Zane and Lil Romeo usher and ja rule he later wrote rap songs influenced by the golden age of Hiphop and r&b by the end of the 2000s he sustained a basic – level presence in 19 different country’s shortly after releasing his 2019 song Dominican Flavor with the Canadian underground record label Boost Recordings who signed artists like
Von-T ,Yung Toolz & BeeJayAse.
Thanks to his Pop Rap flavor and unique dance wave fashion style his 2018 album Pop Rap Orlando was the first album to rank number one on the number #1 music charts in 2019.

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