Jackz Mendez in USA: The artist nominated for two “Premios Unidad” will give several concerts as part of his international tour

July 20, 2023

The renowned artist, singer, and TikToker JackZ MendeZ will be giving several concerts in the USA as part of his “Con los días contados 2023” Tour. The chosen cities are Miami, New York, and Texas.

 With a long trajectory, successful international tours since 2016, several awards, and after the success of his latest song titled “Tu Amor Apesta,” which is a hit on streaming platforms, JackZ embarks on the first leg of his tour at the end of July, including a performance at the legendary W. South Beach, where the world’s greatest artists have performed.

 Simultaneously, he has been nominated in two categories for the “Premios Unidad†in the USA: Urban Artist of the Year and Popular Artist on Social Media. The awards ceremony will take place on August 10 in Flushing Town, New York.

To close the tour on August 18 in Austin, Texas, he will release his new song and music video titled “Salgo Afuera,” which he had to postpone due to the hate the song was receiving.

 The artist commented, “I’m surprised by the nominations for the Unity Awards. Some time ago, I stopped competing in music. Before, I saw it as a career, but now I see it as the best part of my life. I have fun making the songs, I enjoy it, and I have a great time when I compose, record, film, produce—everything! If there are awards and benefits for it, then welcome. I take it as a blessing. As for the song ‘Salgo Afuera,’ I postponed the release because people were getting angry with me for no particular reason. They simply didn’t like the name, haha.”

The artist has the new music video titled “Salgo Afuera” ready, which will be released in August. The video features the Cirque du Burleske and was directed by the renowned director Estefano Barrera.


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