How Spence McManus Stay as a Creative Artist in the Music Industry

November 17, 2022
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Being a musician is challenging, and those working in the music industry sometimes struggle to keep their composure as they get older, both professionally and emotionally. Early stage burnout is a common problem and many people are away for long periods of time which is problematic for people who want to stay relevant as it keeps them out of the limelight. That’s why patience and persistence are even more important over time.


As an artist, it’s imperative that you create something you’re proud of. People could sense Spence Mcmanu’s sincerity and dedication to his work, and consequently his fan base soared when he discovered his passion for music. As long as he humbly desires to grow both personally and as an artist while aiming for artistic success and fame. Being your own creative artist can be tough, especially in a rapidly changing industry where new trends emerge regularly.

Spence Mcmanus lived in scenic Southington, Connecticut and attended the University of Tampa in the heart of Miami.


He still believes that his commitment, his passion and his values ​​have allowed him to succeed in his work. Spence is a rapper ready to change the game with the innovation he has shown in his art.


It all started when Spence Mcmanus watched his roommates play music. One of his works, Industry Reaper, is a vivid example of the expression of the artist’s emotions in the work. Spence Mcmanus worked hard and learned the ins and outs of music production to improve his musical skills and expertise.

“I usually start by picking a beat that matches my current mood. Then I just let it sink. I try to let it flow naturally, I think my listeners appreciate that. Spence’s creative process behind his music.


Spence McManus never forces a project; instead, it snaps and gets to him. Sometimes he takes a step back, takes a break, then starts again when he can’t start a project because nothing clicks into place. He usually likes life and meeting new people.

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