Tranquillity in Chaos: Easy Life at Truck Festival 2019

April 7, 2022
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I adore the chaos of Truck Festival, held every year just half an hour from my home and sometimes named “the UK’s most warped village fete.” I stagger from mosh-pit to mosh-pit with the people I care most about under the fog of several cans of cider before settling down to chat with new friends long into the night.


Yet 2019 was different because, on a stacked line-up including Foals, Wolf Alice, Jonny Marr, and Two Door Cinema Club, me and one of my friends were most excited for the intensely chilled out indie-R&B and hip-hop band Easy Life.


Easy Life floats on another plane of existence to the rest of humanity. In an endlessly speeding up world, they remind us to stop and look around. During their best track, “Nightmares,” Murray Matravers skates ever closer to breaking the peace but just keeps it alive. He repeatedly reassures us, “it’s nothing you should worry yourself about.” I almost breathe a sigh of relief when I hear this, floating back into hypnotic brass.


But life always has a funny way of forcing us away from these moments of tranquility, and our plan to head over to Easy Life under a baking weekend sun was scuppered. My friend was one of many that twisted an ankle under Wolf Alice’s frenzied performance the previous night. When I saw her in the morning, she could barely walk.


All would have been well had we just left a little earlier, except I let the time get ahead of me. When I looked at my watch, I noticed Easy Life’s performance was almost over, and I ran down to The Market Stage.


As I entered the crowd, “Nightmares” began and Matravers flopped backwards, performing the entire track crowd surfing. Only once the euphoria of the moment died down, and the crowd began to disperse did I realise I had forgotten my friend.


Easy Life are set to perform again at a sold-out Truck Festival, and I hope that I finally get to watch them with my friend. But don’t worry, that’s nothing you should worry yourself about.


Hi, I am Louis, a writer, journalist, and music fan, currently living in Edinburgh.

My main music interests are British indie, dreampop of the late 80s and 90s, and the 80s alternative scene.

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